If You read my earlier entry and You would like to check out sync.com, You should read that one too.

Unfortunately sync.com didn't prepare client for Linux yet. In 2014 they said that are working on...

[@mehmetaergun](https://twitter.com/mehmetaergun) We're working on the Linux client and hope to have it out shortly after the mobile. We'll contact you when it's out.
— Sync.com (@Sync) 10 kwietnia 2014

Link to tweet

but it is still not published and people are waiting on it.

@Sync [https://twitter.com/Sync] @mehmetaergun [https://twitter.com/mehmetaergun] We still waiting...
— Ivan AKA KeTeFLIPs (@keteflips) 9 maja 2016

Link to tweet

I sent a question to sync.com sales team to confirm that information and I receive such answer:

Hi Wojtek,

Thank you for your email.

A Linux client is still on our long term roadmap, there is no ETA. 


Only possibility for Linux is to use wine. You can download and install windows app without issues.

If You would like to set sync.com app to start on each boot, You need to create auto-start config file with Your favorite editor e.g. vim:


and paste:

[Desktop Entry]
Exec=wine "/home/user/.wine/drive_c/Program Files (x86)/Sync/sync-taskbar.exe" &

The problem is that app could crash many times and network performance won't be as good as on windows. For me it wasn't a good solution.That was the reason why a decided to move to pcloud. In next entry there will be a short review of their service from Linux point of view.