I decided to move my files from own infrastructure to cloud provider. I done that analysis for my own purpose, but it could be useful also for someone else. Nowadays You can choose from many cloud providers, so it is not too easy to compare all of them. Of course there are also many reviews but most of them doesn't compare all important factors. You can find one e.g. at toptenreviews.

Most important factors to chose cloud provider (from my point of view):

  • pay by paypal (useful if You do not have a credit card)
  • end-to-end encryption (provider can't access Your files - important in case of security breach)
  • sync client with support for Linux (working flawlessly)
  • good comparison of storage vs price

Below You can check mine small comparison of cloud providers in the table. I didn't filled all prices, because of differences in offers.

Prices are rounded for easier reading, so there could be slight differences. My small comparison in pdf file

Cloud providers

Links to pricing plans of providers from the table:

According to gathered information, it seems that best services are sync.com or pcloud. Unfortunately sync.com doesn't provide Linux client (their client works poorly in "wine"). On the other hand pcloud changed their offer and now You need to pay additional 48 usd per year to have encryption feature.

Third option would be to use one of popular providers e.g. dropbox together with cryptomator, but I would prefer to have whole solution in one box.

The winner is sync.com, but they should create native Linux client My review: Sync.com in Linux