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Lenovo E560 (skylake) - which Linux distro should You choose - UPDATE2

ON 14th of June I moved to Fedora 24 Cinnamon Spin. From the begging I felt that it is much better than Ubuntu. After about 2 months of usage I can share my conclusions with You.

First there were issues with intel gpu caused by new kernel kernel-4.6.4-* but when I switched to kernel-4.5.5-300.fc24.x86_64 it was ok. Luckily that issue was fixed, so now You can use new kernel without problems.

According to You need to add additional repos and install tlp. It will greatly extend Your battery life. IMHO battery life is better than on Windows 10, that I have installed on other partition.

As I mentioned before - On Linux I do not use Radeon card because I do not need it, so I didn't test how Radeon card will work.

From my experience overall system stability and boot time is better than on Ubuntu. This is my subjective point of view so I won't put here any charts, to convince You ;).

If You have the same notebook model and You need some good Linux Distro that will just work, I suggest You to install Fedora 24.

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