Lenovo E560 (skylake) - which Linux distro should You choose - UPDATE

THIRD VERSION of this entry

About two months ago I wrote, that best distro for Lenovo E560 is Ubuntu 14.04. In the beginning of May I tested Ubuntu 16.04 and realized, that it is even better. I am still using it and I can confirm, that it was a good shot.

Main differences (for me):

  • In Ubuntu 14.04 there were issues with Gnome 3 packages, that are fixed in new versions
  • In Ubuntu 14.04 - I had strange issue with disappearing cursor (randomly on login screen). It didn't happen to me on 16.04
  • Newer kernels are working better in Ubuntu 16.04 and are available as default

Intel GPU has better support:

It results in smoother animations. I use Gnome 3 and the difference was visible from the beginning.

For reminder in Ubuntu 14.04:

There is only one drawback - issue with drivers for ATI proprietary card. For me it was not a problem, because I use it only on Windows (dualboot) for playing games ;).

If you have a skylake notebook and You don't use ATI card you should upgrade to Ubuntu 16.04.

PS. I will give a try to Fedora 24 when it will be released, because I assume, that it should work fine with skylake. I will write some note about it. This time it should be just after testing - not like this time, about a month later :).