Lenovo E560 dual GPU intel, amd - which Linux distro should You choose

SECOND VERSION of this entry

Objective: Find some distro for Lenovo E560 that will just work.

Tested distros:

After install I had poor Intel performance. Skylake gpu was not properly identified.
After installing AMD drivers (according to Arch wiki) I realised that AMD performance is also poor.
I also had a weird problem with yaourt. It was cutting few signs from every line of output.


Unfortunately I was not able to boot from usb because Manjaro mhwd can't see any gpu on E560... :/ Tested on few versions of Manjaro.

Elementary OS:

I was curious how it will work. OS is looking nice but Intel performance was also poor (too old kernel).

Fedora 23:

Nice looking how-to but not working for me:

This script was working, but I got strange effect:
After installing driver, using this method AMD GPU was working much better, but GPU was identified as something strange (not normal GPU name).

Ubuntu 14.04:

Luckily Skylake GPU works out of the box with good performance:

But proprietary drivers provided by system caused black screen or blinking screen (without X):

Working drivers (from AMD web site):

go to the AMD site and choose Linux 64 bit and download the file.

Run the file from terminal, install required debs (if asked - headers etc), chose to build packages for your Ubuntu 14.04 and wait a while (status bar was not working for me).
Before reboot you need to run as root: aticonfig --initial
For me it was all ;).