Rclone is free software that allow you to backup your data from linux/windows server to one of cloud providers.

IMO its good to know especially after OVH incident which revealed that some companies didn't prepare external backup. My vps was burnt completely and I got information that it is not recoverable, but I had backup set with rclone :).

Full list of supported providers is quite long: Rclone Overview It's easy to setup and secure, because you may set strong password and salt for that password.

After installation you may type:

rclone config

rclone config

you may choose one from list of providers:

rclone providers

When remote is configured you may set encryption in next step. Again you need to run config but this time choose: rclone config n 9

Rclone choose encryption:

rclone encryption

Rclone set encryption password:

encryption password

Similar for password salt:

salt password

You may skip advanced config and finish:

salt password

Now you have few options that could be used in backup to access your encrypted remote. It could be mounted with:

rclone mount encrypted_remote:/ /mount-point

You need to keep in mind to avoid mounting unencrypted remote instead of encrypted one.